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Toni Krehel, AP
4745 Sutton Park Court, Suite 503
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 821-9535
Welcome to E-Holistic Health
Enjoy the life-promoting benefits of Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy every day ...
  • to treat symptoms of acute illnesses
  • to manage chronic disease
  • to improve vitality and happiness
At E-Holistic Health you can order ...
  • Loving Care Kits for your family
  • Chinese Herbal Formulas
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Schedule an E-consultation
E-Holistic Health makes it E-asy for the holistic-minded health consumer to make holistic medicine a lifestyle choice.  The holistic health care products available from this website are widely-used homeopathic remedies and patented Chinese herbal medicines.  These holistic medicines are in the same category of medications as over-the-counter (OTC) health care products found at your local drug or grocery store and they are intended for general use. . . for the whole family.

E-Holistic Health is committed to helping you achieve Abundant Vitality and a Strong Immune System.  E-Holistic Health provides natural self-care solutions for commonly-experienced illnesses and complaints.  These super effective holistic medicines provide speedy relief from inflammatory immune responses due to acute infections, allergies, and injuries -- and they are packed with stimulating immune boosters to improve your metabolism, prevent disease and resolve chronic fatigue related conditions.

E-Holistic Health is committed to Family Care.  Homeopathic remedies and Chinese herbal formulas have been safely used for hundreds of years and are appropriate for all ages.  Your success as a parent is, in part, measured by how well your children are.  Having healthy, happy children gives you peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.  Making holistic medicine a life-style choice enables you to be the primary health care provider for your family -- and E-Holistic self-care solutions empower you to take control of your family's wellness.  It is a great way to promote health everyday!
E-Holistic Loving Care Kits make it E-asy to use holistic medicines to treat common ailments.  Each Loving Care Kit consists of a selection of Chinese herbal formulas and homeopathic remedies that address the symptoms and underlying causes of a variety of common conditions such as colds, flu, allergies, cough, congestion and fatigue.  Each Loving Care Kit comes with handy easy-to-understand product cards that describe how and when each remedy should be used in the event of illness.  These easy-to-use instruction cards also include dosages for using holistic care to prevent infection from occurring when exposed to others who are sick or when traveling.
Chinese herbal medicine is thousands of years old and is the most comprehensive pharmacology system in the world.  All Chinese herbal formulas are designed to stimulate the immune functions that resolve the underlying conditions of disease.  The Chinese herbs available from E-Holistic Health are standardized patented formulas used since ancient times to safely treat common illnesses associated with viral and bacterial infection and symptoms of illness such as fever, inflammatory pain, cough, allergic reactions, gastro-intestinal disorders, skin rashes, pustular discharges, congestion, and fatigue.
Homeopathy is the second most widely-used system of medicine in the world.  Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and safely treat a wide range of acute symptoms and chronic conditions.  The homeopathic remedies available from E-Holistic Health include individual remedies, OTC brands and doctor-formulated clinical formulas.  Customized homeopathic formulas are available by special request to established patients.
E-consultations are like office visits and are available to established patients of Toni Krehel, AP.  For more information and fees, see contact info.
Toni Krehel
"You can have vibrant health by taking charge naturally."

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  • Non-toxic Natural Remedies
  • Effective and Affordable Family Medicine
  • Speedy Recovery
  • Immune-Strengthening Preventive Medicine
  1. Prevention: Build a strong immune system to resist ALL disease processes
  2. Acute Rescue: Treat an illness at the onset of symptoms, before infection takes hold.
  3. Recovery: Eliminate toxic waste and restore vitality.
  4. Maintenance: Cure pre-existing chronic conditions and strengthen vitality.
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